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Madeline & Ben's Warm Wedding In Alaska At Cusack's

Updated: May 1, 2023

As a wedding photographer, I’m always down to shoot wherever the couples I work with are planning to go. So, when Madeline and Ben told me their wedding in Alaska was happening at Cusack’s on the Kenai, I was ready.

This is how it went!

A Little Bit About Cusack’s

I love a good story. It’s a big part of why I became a wedding photographer because I get to tell people’s stories through the pictures I take.

Cusack’s on the Kenai has a story worth telling too. It’s a family-owned lodge with a history behind it, starting with Mike Cusack. He was the late and beloved father of the family, and he loved fishing lodges. Eventually, he built one of his own!

Growing up, his daughters developed that same love after spending time at his lodge and getting to see so much of what made Alaska the awesome place it is. As they got older, they decided to build a lodge too!

So, Cusack’s on the Kenai was born, and it’s been giving guests a good time ever since. It even has seven bedrooms with 18 total beds, which makes it great for bigger parties looking to stay together in one convenient place for a wedding in Alaska.

Madeline & Ben’s Warm Wedding In Alaska At Cusack’s

Another perk of a wedding in Alaska at Cusack’s is that the bride and groom can get ready in the lodge. Madeline and Ben took advantage of this for their wedding. While getting ready, their friends and family helped them with whatever they could. Above all else, they kept them company.

When they were finished, they had their first look session in front of the Kenai River. Ben waited patiently, watching the river flow by. The rain showed up for a little bit too, but it gave us a great shot of him standing by the river with an umbrella. We also got some really great shots over his shoulder of Madeline approaching as the anticipation built for both of them. They just couldn’t get enough when they finally did see one another, and I loved getting to capture those moments for them.

Another perk about a wedding in Alaska at Cusack’s is the fact that their grounds have enough space for a tent. Madeline and Ben went this route and had their ceremony and reception under one. With the string lights, rustic decorations, and welcoming signs, their ceremony felt like a community coming together for a special event!

Madeline and Ben more than earned this feeling too. Those two were so deep in love with one another, and they brought such a great vibe to every part of their wedding in Alaska. As much as everyone else showed them love throughout the day, they returned it more.

This continued all the way through their reception as Madeline, Ben, and all their friends and family danced and partied the night away. It ended with everyone gathering around the happily married couple with a little sparkler celebration, which I loved!

Final Thoughts

I can’t say enough good things about Madeline and Ben. Getting to shoot their wedding in Alaska was just awesome, and they were great to work with. I wish them all the best!

And, hey, if you like what I do, I’d love to capture your wedding too. Give me a shout, and we can start working on it right away!

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