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Angelica + David’s Intimate Denali Wedding

I love exploring the Alaskan wilderness. There are so many incredible things to see, from the stunning wildlife to the breathtaking scenery. And I’m always excited when I get to work with couples who are just as jazzed about the great outdoors as I am.

If you haven’t been to Denali Mountain, it’s more than just one mountain. It has six million acres of land, divided by a sole road. It has some truly incredible features, like glacial rivers, wild tundra and more.

Denali Mountain has the tallest peak in North America, making it a breathtaking sight amidst the rest of the truly wild Alaskan landscape. Plus, it has a ton of hiking trails, rafting courses and camping sites.

Angelica and David wanted their elopement to celebrate all things Alaska. They decided they wanted to have a private Denali wedding at the base of the mountain. It was a beautiful day and a lovely way to celebrate their union!

Celebrating The Great Outdoors

Angelica and David wanted their elopement to be simple: the two of them and the Denali wilderness. They were so sweet together! Angelica wore a gorgeous lace wedding dress, and David wore a classic black and white suit.

And Angelica had a sweet idea for her bouquet! Instead of a traditional bouquet, she had a floral-covered lantern to light their way. It was such a simple but impactful touch that made for some really amazing photos.

They wanted to incorporate their love for the outdoors in their elopement photoshoot. They brought some of their hiking gear, walking sticks and backpacks, too. We had a blast exploring the base of the Denali mountain.

A Lovely Denali Wedding

Angelica and David were completely natural in front of the camera. I loved being able to capture their love for one another as they held each other and celebrated their union. Plus, the breathtaking wilderness made for an unforgettable backdrop for their elopement.

Before long, the sun started to set, and it was time for Angelica and David to say their vows. They booked a cute log cabin with a balcony, which was perfect for saying their vows beneath the night sky.

The glowing light behind them was downright magical. They looked so cozy, almost like they were in their own little world. It was a beautiful night and the perfect setting for their private Denali wedding.

Final Thoughts

Being there for Angelica and David’s special day was such a privilege. They were both so easy to work with, and I loved their concept of a simple but impactful Denali wedding for just the two of them.

Elopement weddings are always unique, and this one was no exception. At the end of the day, it was all about celebrating what you love with the people you love most.

If you’re planning a wedding or elopement in Alaska, I’d love to connect with you!

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