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Mikayla & Tim's Intimate Alaskan Elopement

Something I’ve always loved about living in Alaska is being able to explore the rustic wilderness right outside your front door. It’s like having access to another world in just a few short steps. And Mikayla and Tim wanted to have their intimate Alaskan elopement in the thick of this absolutely stunning natural beauty.

Mikayla and Tim were such a cute couple, and they were so great to work with. They wanted to keep a very minimalistic approach to their elopement, ensuring everything felt sweet and simple. Much like the couple, this elopement was all about what really mattered: their love for one another and love of the outdoors.

Getting Ready and First Looks

I loved the rustic, grungy look that Mikayla and Tim wanted for their Alaskan elopement. You could really feel the texture of the room and feel the excitement of the day for both of them. They both looked beautiful and were so excited for their first look!

Mikayla wore a lovely lace wedding dress with a stunning floral crown, and Tim wore a dapper brown velvet suit. Tim even brought out his film camera to take some shots from their special day. We caught an extra special moment when they took pictures of each other with Tim’s camera to memorialize the day.

After their first look, we took some photos around the listing they rented and even took a hilarious shot of them at the nearby outhouse! Soon, it was time to explore the Alaskan wilderness in the coolest way possible: by riding horseback.

Riding Horseback to An Alaskan Elopement

As if this Alaskan elopement couldn’t get any more authentic or romantic, Mikayla and Tim wanted to capture some shots of them riding on horseback. We got some amazing shots of them astride their horses, with the stunning Alaskan wilderness in the background. Halfway through our ride, the rain started pouring, but it didn’t dampen this couple’s spirits.

Mikayla and Tim were absolute naturals in front of the camera. I felt like I was just observing their magical world, an outsider lucky enough to capture this special moment for them. Between their ever-present love for one another and the gorgeous nature surrounding them, it was an Alaskan elopement for the books.

Thoughts From The Day

I loved photographing this Alaskan elopement for Mikayla and Tim. They were wonderful to work with and had such a deep appreciation and respect for the Alaskan wilderness. And seeing them in their natural habitat was just a reflection of their wild, free spirits.

Elopements are extra special to me because we get to focus on the heart of the matter. It’s an opportunity to capture a moment in time that’s just for the couple. It allows us to take time with what matters to them and get creative in new ways.

At the end of the day, Mikayla and Tim reminded me that when you distill your life down to what’s most important, it’s about spending time with those you love.

If you have a wedding or elopement coming up, I’d love to hear more!

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